April 25th 2018 |

MOD Education Outreach Programme

Under the strap line of ‘giving students a start’, the award-winning MOD Education Outreach Programme has for over 16 years been working with Colleges, Academies and Schools across the UK, where diversity is often> 60%, over 100 nationalities and languages are present, and many students are designated as being ‘at risk’ with curriculum, personal development and employability skills support. Over 2,500 students every year, many of whom have no one in work in their family or have missed out on any work experience, benefit from support, either in the classroom through mentoring, talks, and mock interviews, or linked in with a ‘taster’ visit to Whitehall to provide a flavour of the workplace, our facilities, our heritage, meet colleagues and look at opportunities across the public sector. Many also get the chance to role-play the PM and other Ministers in the acclaimed fast-paced MOD Crisis Workshop , trying to solve an overseas crisis and deliver a ‘press conference’ – all geared to helping the next generation understand roles and responsibilities across govt.