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What is Civil Service Live?

Civil Service Live is the annual conference for the Civil Service. Civil Service Live is a learning event.

What are the key themes?

This year the event will focus on:

●        Improved outcomes

●        Effective leadership

●        Skilled People

●        A great place to work

●        Global Britain

Who organises Civil Service Live?

Civil Service Live is a series of learning events delivered through a partnership between Cabinet Office and Dods.

Where is Civil Service Live held?

Is a national programme that holds events across the country, Civil Service Live venues and dates are TBC however, please see below the 2018 dates and venues:

●        Thursday 7 June 2018: SEC Centre, Glasgow

●        Wednesday 13 June 2018: NEC, Birmingham

●        Wednesday 27 June 2018: Winter Gardens, Blackpool

●        Thursday 5 July 2018: City Hall, Cardiff

●        Thursday 12 July 2018: St James’ Park, Newcastle

●        Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 July 2018: QEII Centre, London 

When can I register for Civil Service Live

Registration will open in 2019

Are the venues accessible?

Yes, all the venues meet the legal requirements. Inclusivity reports for each venue are available on each venue page on the Civil Service Live Website.

How much does it cost to attend Civil Service Live?

The event is FREE to attend for all civil servants and those who work for local authorities and the wider public sector. The following fees for external delegates apply:

An Event Pass, which covers one location, £1,495 plus VAT per delegate.
An Unlimited Event Pass, which allows you entry to all locations on all days, is £2,995 plus VAT per delegate.

We welcome delegates from the charity and voluntary sectors and offer a substantially discounted rate of £425 plus VAT per delegate per event.

Can I book my sessions in advance?

Selecting a session will only reserve you a place at the session and seats will be allocated on the day on a first-come, first-served basis. We would recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to the session beginning.

When will I receive my badge?

You will receive your badge via email approximately two weeks before the event you have registered to attend.

What happens if I don't receive my badge before the show?

Don't worry!  You will receive an email when you register and again a week before the event which will contain your unique reference number. Simply print off this email and bring it with you to the show where we will print you another badge. If you forget to print the email, just give your name at the registration desk and we will manually search for your details to print another badge.

Can I attend Civil Service Live in more than one city?

The intention is that civil servants attend only one day of the Civil Service Live events however, as the event is free to attend to all those who work in the Civil Service you are welcome to attend all the events at your own travel costs.

Will the presentations from Civil Service Live be put up online after the event?

We will work with our speakers to upload as many presentations as possible. Some presentations will not be uploaded where they contain sensitive information, or are not meaningful without the accompanying speech.

Does my attendance at Civil Service Live count towards my one of my five learning days a year?

Yes, Civil Service Live counts towards your five days’ learning per year.

Will my data be shared, if so, who with?

Your data will be shared with Cabinet Office, Dods and any additional third parties if you agreed to in the registration process. More information on privacy policy can be found here.

If I am from outside the Civil Service, how can I exhibit or get to speak at Civil Service Live?
Please contact at customer.service@dodsgroup.com and an advisor will be in touch.

Is catering provided?

There will be catering points throughout the venue where you can purchase refreshments. Please be aware that only cash is accepted at these catering points. Water will be supplied free of charge. All venues are based within city centres where cafes and shops can be easily located should you need to find lunch outside the venue itself.

Will Civil Service Live pay civil servants’ T and S fees to attend?

The venues have been chosen to be easily, and cost effectively, accessed using public transport. All travel costs should be claimed from your local budget, and are subject to line manager approval.

What is the dress code for the events?

Your usual office attire.

Will there be photography at the events?

There will be an official photographer at all Civil Service Live events. If you do not want your photograph used in any materials, please let the photographer know.

Will there be filming at the events?

There may be an official videographer at all Civil Service Live venues. If you do not want to be featured in any filming, please let the videographer know.

What if I need to cancel my place at the event after I’ve registered?

Please log back into the registration site and cancel your booking and the sessions you have booked to attend, so that your place can be made available to other delegates.

I’ve heard you are running spot mentoring at the events. How do I book this?

You can sign up for a twenty minute, one-to-one mentoring session with a Civil Service leader on the day, when registration opens. 

I want to volunteer to help at the events – how do I do this?

Registration for volunteers will open in 2019.