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Newcastle Stadium

Registration for Civil Service Live is now open.

Civil Service Live Newcastle ​will be taking place on Thursday 12 July at:

St James Park
Barrack Rd
Newcastle upon Tyne 

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Sessions not to be missed and still available to book

Here's a sample of just some of the great sessions still available to book at Civil Service Live Newcastle: 

08:30 – 09:10 | GPW14: Pension Power | Moncur
Knowledge is power and when you understand your pension, you can make better and more informed choices. Do you know what scheme are you in? When will you retire? Thinking of going part-time? Considered boosting your pension? What do you want to do when you retire? If your answer to those questions is 'I'm not sure', you need to come to our session. Well give you a whistle stop tour through the world of your pension, give you the facts that you need and leave you feeling more in control.

08:35 - 09:20 | IMP8: Improved Outcomes through local empowerment | Room 1892
This session will showcase how public servants have been empowered and changed current approaches in their area, offering innovative alternatives to deliver improved outcomes for citizens. This will include examples from Newcastle City Council where policy or service delivery has been improved through empowering staff or citizens at a local level. Attendees will gain an understanding of practices used to empower local citizens and ensure their voices are embedded within service delivery and policy-making, as well as how they can better incorporate these approaches into their role.

08:45 - 09:30 | GPW6: Being Disability Confident | Magpie Club
The Civil Service aims to be the UK's most inclusive employer by 2020. Disabled colleagues tell us that a disability confident line manager is a key requirement in creating an inclusive culture, in which barriers are removed and talented disabled employees are able to fulfil their full potential. This session will start the process of helping you become more confident to engage in disability issues and make your workplace more inclusive. It will examine why disabled people in the Civil Service can feel less engaged (as measured by our People Survey) and how this gap can be bridged with line manager support. This interactive session will address how confident you feel about disability and help you support and champion inclusion at work.

09:40 - 10:25 | GPW4: Let's Talk about Race | Room 1892
The Civil Service must attract and promote talent from a wide range of backgrounds if we are to meet the needs of a modern and diverse Britain. Let's Talk about Race will look the importance of career development programmes for retaining and developing talented people from ethnic minority backgrounds. In this session you will hear about the impact of HMRC's Award Winning EMBRACE programme, which helps AA, AO or O grade civil servants develop skills and competencies for future promotion. More than half (54%) of those graduating from EMBRACE successfully applied for promotion. Members and co-chairs of the Race to the Top G6/7 network will share their story of building a network to support, inspire and empower BAME G6/7s by offering career development opportunities to prepare them for Senior Civil Service roles. Join this session to talk about initiatives to make the Civil Service a more ethnically diverse and inclusive place to work.

11:50 - 12:35 | SPO2: Trade Unions are key to achieving a better place to work | Heroes
Trade Unions exist to improve the pay and conditions of their members. PCS trade union has been at the forefront of developing improvements around policies and agreements, such as performance management, equality, career development, learning and apprenticeships. We have a Professional and Managers Association (PMA) for grade HEO/HO and above, who typically are managers or have a professional qualification. PCS has been instrumental in pushing for central government negotiations to develop national improvements on workload, health and safety, career development and progression. Join our session to learn the latest from the UK Civil Service's largest trade union.

12:00 - 12:45 | SKP1: Plenary: Life Long Learning | Bamburgh Suite North
A panel including senior leaders from across government will consider the question, what does lifelong learning mean in the Civil Service? Their varied backgrounds show that successful careers can involve various professions and areas of work. They also typically require ingredients like a supportive environment for continuous learning, personal ownership, a sense of direction, knowledge of how you learn best, and a range of experiences for encouraging development. So, whether you are a specialist or a generalist, this session will help you to shape your learning plans, showcasing what support is in place for you to improve your skills and advance your career. The panel will also share their personal top tips and experiences. Get ready to submit questions and take part in snap opinion polls through an interactive audience tool on your smartphone. The panel consists of: John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service and Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office; Elizabeth Gardiner, First Parliamentary Counsel and Permanent Secretary of the Government in Parliament Group, Cabinet Office; Matthew Coats, Director General, Implementation and Coordination; Esther Wallington, Director General, Chief People Officer, HMRC; Alison Hilton, Personal Tax Operations Deputy Director, North East England, HMRC; Andrea Williams-McKenzie, Deputy Director HR Operations, HMCTS

12:45 – 13:30 | GB13: Global Britain and National Security | Moncur
At this workshop, you will hear a senior leader from the national security community talk about their views of the international elements including Counter Terrorism and State Threats, and what these mean to them.
They will talk about their personal experience of representing the UK and delivering the UK's priorities abroad, and working with our allies for global security and standing up for British values and interests in every part of the world.
This session will provide a fascinating insight into the breadth of work undertaken by civil servants that directly supports the Government's international activities.

13:05 - 13:50 | GB1: Global Britain in action | Bamburgh Suite North
At this plenary session, you will hear from senior leaders across government explaining how their work contributes to delivering a Global Britain, and what it means to them. In Newcastle speakers will include: 
- Melanie Dawes, Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government 
- Judith Gough, British Ambassador to Ukraine 
- Kanbar Hossein-Bor, Deputy British High Commissioner to Bangladesh 
- Joy Hutcheon, Director General for FInance and Corporate Performance, Department for International Development 
They will talk about their personal experience of representing the UK and delivering the UK's priorities abroad, from forging a new strategic partnership with Europe and enhancing our trade beyond Europe, to working with our allies for global security and standing up for British values and interests in every part of the world. This is your chance to hear from inspirational speakers across a range of departments and in both international and domestic facing roles. This will be a fascinating insight into the breadth of work undertaken by civil servants that directly supports the Government's international activities and what you can do to support this in your own role.


13:50 - 14:30 | SPO9: Are your contracts and commercial relationships adding or destroying value? | Box 645
Trading relationships are based on the premise that there is value in continuing to trade between each other. Is this the case with your relationships? 

We will explore the causes of value leakage and the actions you may want to take to ensure your contracts add value and look at future trends in this area. 
The session will show how to improve outcomes and ensure effective leadership in a commercial context.
15:15 - 16:00 | IMP14: Tech trends: What does it mean for government? | Bamburgh Suite North
We all live and work in a fast moving world where we are constantly connected and the pace of change only seems to quicken. The changes that the internet has brought over the last decade have been incredible but what's next? In this session Google will explore some of the current trends in technological development and what they mean for all of us both as consumers and communicators. The presentation will then continue to explore the wider implications for all of us and give some insights on how we can be most successful in our professional lives in this fast moving, connected world.

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St James' Park is a football stadium in Newcastle upon Tyne. The venue’s website, including more details on travel and transport information can be found here

Registration will open on Wednesday 25 April 2018.