What is Civil Service Live?

Civil Service Live is the annual conference and learning event for all those in the Civil Service and wider Public Service. 

When is Civil Service Live?

This year’s event will be fully online and take place on 16 and 17 June 2021.

What are the key themes for 2021?

This year's content will focus on the three themes of modernisation and reform:

  • A Skilled Civil Service 
  • An Innovative Civil Service 
  • An Ambitious Civil Service 

Who organises Civil Service Live?

Civil Service Live is delivered through a partnership between Cabinet Office and Dods.

When can I register for Civil Service Live?

Registration for Civil Service Live 2021 is now open!

Click on this link to complete your registration and select your personal itinerary for the day.

Once you have fully completed your registration you will receive a confirmation email of your booking, further information about the event will be emailed to you two weeks prior. 

How much does it cost to attend Civil Service Live?

The event is FREE to attend for all civil servants and those who work for local authorities and the wider public service. The following fees for external delegates apply:

  • An Event Pass, which covers both days of content is £975 + VAT per delegate.
  • Those from the charity and voluntary sectors are offered a substantially discounted rate of £150 + VAT per delegate.  

When will I receive joining instructions for the event?

You will receive your joining instructions via email approximately two weeks before the event.

What happens if I don't receive my email confirmation for my sessions?

Don't worry! Please do double check your spam box and then, if you have not received the mail, please let us know by emailing CSL-Queries@dodsgroup.com

Will the presentations from Civil Service Live be put up online after the event?

Yes, all sessions are recorded and will be made available online after the event. Please check back on this website for the links to view the files.

Does my attendance at Civil Service Live count towards my one of my five learning days a year?

Yes, Civil Service Live counts towards your five days’ learning per year.

Will my data be shared, if so, who with?

Your data will be processed and stored in accordance with our privacy notice. 

If I am from outside the Civil Service, how can I exhibit or get to speak at Civil Service Live?

Please contact at customer.service@dodsgroup.com and an advisor will be in touch.

What if I need to cancel my place at the event after I’ve registered?

Please log back into the registration site (accessed via the Civil Service Live website) and cancel your booking and the sessions you have booked to attend, so that your place can be made available to other delegates.

I’ve heard you are running spot mentoring at the event. How do I book this?

You can sign up for a twenty minute, one-to-one spot mentoring session during the registration process. Registration opens on Thursday 29 April 2021.

Will I be able to ask questions and share my views on sessions?

Yes, each session will have an audience engagement tool which will allow you to post questions, up-vote other people’s questions that you want to hear answers to, answer polls and chat about the topic.  You will also be able to join discussions on our forum threads, or post your own discussion topic to encourage others to share their views with you. Contributions will always appear under your name.   

My work laptop won’t let me view videos - how can I access the content from the online event?

You will be able to access the videos from any personal device (laptop, desktop, tablet or phone) as long as you log in with the details you have registered with. We recommend that you use headphones for the best viewing experience and have a stable connection. You can test your ability to watch live-streamed content by viewing a similar content stream such as YouTube live.  

How can I get involved at this year's event?

If you are a government department, agency or network there are many ways you can take part at Civil Service Live. For more information, please click here.