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Content Themes

The aims of Civil Service Live 2021 are to:

  • EDUCATE civil servants by sharing information and new ideas that change thinking and allow them to learn new skills and innovate.
  • ENGAGE civil servants by demonstrating excellent cross departmental working and building networks to support the delivery of better outcomes.
  • EMPOWER civil servants to demonstrate leadership, learn new skills and improve their working environment to provide better public services.

Civil Service Live 2021 will be built around the three themes of Civil Service modernisation, as set out in the Shaping our Future Together programme: 

  • Great People 
  • New Ideas 
  • Better Outcomes

Great People is all about: 

  • attracting and supporting people in the Civil Service
  • becoming a learning organisation
  • ensuring we have the right skills and capabilities to meet the needs of citizens
  • ensuring our systems and processes, support accountability, encourage collaboration and enable us to succeed
  • ensuring the Civil Service reflects communities, moving roles across the UK and increasing diversity. 

New Ideas focuses us on:

  • taking bold action to embrace digital in everything we do 
  • enabling more innovation and experimentation
  • ensuring digital and data systems catalyse change and unlock potential.

Better Outcomes helps us move towards:

  • being capable and accountable 
  • a unified Civil Service working collaboratively with our partners.
  • achieving excellence in project and service delivery
  • providing a seamless experience for the public.

Civil Service Live is your opportunity to delve deeper into these three themes, learn from your colleagues, hear about best practice and be inspired to do things differently.