April 25th 2018 |

Sponsors & Exhibitors



Boomerang provides automated digital communications over SMS, e-mail and voice, enabling management of time critical alerts and notifications.  The suite of Boomerang products, underpinned by patented technology, also facilitates sending SMS from an e-mail client, sorting and sending bulk messages and allowing control and management of multiple notifications over various communications media.



EQworks.co.uk is a leading specialist in providing Emotional Intelligence based leadership & performance coaching, training and assessments. They are a trusted partner across many Government departments and private sector organisations.

“We put emotional mastery at the centre of people, team and culture development because that’s where it belongs. With increasing pressures on people and organisations to do more for less, our resilient leadership models, grounded in EQ, are becoming imperative.  

We combine the best of EQ assessments, NLP and Positive Psychology to unlock people’s potential, because EQ works.”


Come and find out what Defra’s data can do for you!  We will show you the many diverse ways data is being used from tracking our changing eating habits to observing the changes on our planet’s surface and using this data to help protect the environment and plan for the future.

There’s lots to learn and our data is used daily by people and organisations in every sector.  Defra plays a critical role in the  prosperity and the wellbeing of everyone in the country and the future is in our digital hands #opendefra.

The CPD Standards Office

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office works to improve the standard of CPD provision across all industry sectors. It forms part of the Professional Development Consortium (PDC), respected by regulators, professional bodies and trade associations for its work with organisations undertaking research and accreditation services.

With a rich history of working with private, public and voluntary sectors, the CPD Standards Office is unique in delivering research based CPD accreditation. Overseen by an Expert Advisory Board comprising of CPD experts, academics, employers and professional bodies to ensure its assessment processes are mandated against current legislation and regulations. The Office assesses training courses, events, digital and online learning provided by organisations and individuals.  

As a member of the House of Lords All Parliamentary Political Group for Skills and Education (APPGSE), the Office meets with a wide selection of public and private representatives to identify positive learning opportunities, and actively campaigns to raise the standard of lifelong learning and professional development opportunities.  

Having accredited thousands of CPD training activities, delivered in all corners of the globe, the CPD Standards Office has providers across 22 countries. 

Invotra, The Digital Workspace

Invotra is the intranet used by over 40% of central government end users. Over the last four years, Home Office, DWP and DfT have chosen Invotra to deliver their intranets, people directories & social collaboration applications. HMRC also use the Invotra technology code base to deliver their intranet and people directory.

G-Cloud supplier Invotra has been working with UK Government since 2010 when, as part of parent company iO1, the team behind Invotra were called in to the Cabinet Office to help support the data.gov.uk project.

Invotra's digital workspace helps communications teams, HR departments and technology teams deliver powerful content, communications and knowledge management tools in a highly collaborative and cost effective way. 



IMB members are independent, unpaid and from all backgrounds, volunteering for an average of 2-3 days per month. Their role is to monitor the day-to-day life in their local prison or Immigration Removal Centre and ensure that proper standards of care and decency are maintained.